Reading List for Entrepreneurs


ReWork by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson:  It is hard to describe this book but I believe, it is one of the most important books ever written for would be entrepreneurs. The book will guide you through what are the most important things in starting up a business. In a nutshell “you need to stop talking, wasting time and start working!).

Bargaining for Advantage by Professor Richard Shell: Written by Director of Wharton Executive Negotiation Workshop. Reveals best practices from the world’s top dealmakers. Shows you how to avoid the perils and pitfalls of negotiations.

Linchpin Are You Indispensable? By Seth Godin: What to do when there is no rule book? This book shows you how to unlock your potential to make a difference in whatever field you choose.

The Cheat Code by Brian Wong: This a resource, toolbox, tips and tricks that an entrepreneur will find very useful. It is full of ideas of how to get attention for yourself, your ideas and product.

Mindfulness A Practical Guide by Tessa Watt: Do you rush through your day on autopilot, not fully aware of what you’re doing? Forgetting stuff, missing appointment…Do you get stuck in your head, ruminating on things you wish you had or hadn’t said? If any of this sounds familiar, mindfulness practice can help you.


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