The future of Technology 2017 and Beyond.


Do we need a crystal ball in predicting the future of technology and the road-map ahead? May be, if you are not paying attention to the bigger global trends. So, what are these trends? There are five trends that are happening at the same time and they are:

  1. The population of the world is growing in a rapid rate
  2. Majority of the world population are in urban centers or moving to urban centers
  3. The world population is becoming more wealthier (The middle class is increasing in China, India, Brazil, Iran, Indonesia, Pakistan, Nigeria, South Africa and many others)
  4. The World is becoming more connected
  5. Civil wars and Climate change are displacing millions of people

These are the major global trends that will drive technology. What are the major technological needs of these five trends is open for debate but there are obvious and clear winners and they are:

Communication: The consumption of communications will be a major trend. As more people move in major urban centers communication applications, bandwidth, cloud content and information curation and big data, IoT will be a winning area to invest.

Electronics: Smart and connected electronics with aesthetic design will be a growth area.

Education: Education will be very vital as more people become able to afford education and more people become connected. Online education, language schools, quality primary and secondary schools will continue to be a growth area specially in the growing population centers. Software and education platforms will see an immense growth.

Renewable Energy: As the population grows there will be many resources that are not replaceable such as clean air, and precious metals. The current linear production and consumption based economy is not sustainable and we will move to more circular and sustainable economy. There will be a huge opportunity for green industry and sustainable regenerative technologies and industries. Technologies that foster renewable energy and restorative consumption will flourish. For example IoT products that will enable the preservation of energy will see an increase in demand.

Defense: Terrorism will remain major problem as more hopeless youth displaced by war roam refugee camps with no education and certain future. These directionless youth will unfortunately fell in the hands of unsavory terror groups that will find them useful. Therefore defense industry such as intelligence gathering, border fencing technologies, drones,  predictive software, and traditional defense hardware will continue to sell.

Humanitarian: There will be an entire industry geared towards assisting refugees such as providing food, shelter, medicine and logistics. The refugee population will be also significant and there will be opportunities for technologies that will enable them to survive such as Money Transfer applications, Money wallets, communications apps that will connect long distance relationships etc.


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